Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

360 Marketing and Design first reviews your business requirements — before planning and creating projects that meet your target market.


Please review our policies and procedures:

1) Needs Assessment and Documentation. Complete a Needs Assessment Form to specify the project goals and objectives, market niche, and your preferences.

2) Free Consultation.  A professional consultant will meet with you to review your requirements, discuss ideas and suggestions, and determine your immediate and long term requirements. 

3) Purchase Order. A final site plan / purchase order is prepared based on your defined requirements. We require clients to approve the PO and provide a deposit before we actually begin project development.

4) Prelminary Design. Early stage designs and / or mock up is often prepared and presented to the client for review, modification and / or approval.

5) Project Completion. The project is finalized and presented to client for final approval and mofication, if necessary. If changes are requested that were not previouisly specified, additional charges may apply. The remaining balance of the purchase order is due.

360 Marketing & Design provides support services to clients upon request. This may include: changes, web hosting support, updates, website maintenance, data entry and content management. 

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